My Picture

My name is Luke Pukatch. I am currently a Senior at the University of Miami.

My favorite sport is College Basketball.

Things I do for fun



I picked up woodburning last summer and enjoy creating art. It's a hobby and it's fun to create things for people.


Rock Climbing

I started back in sophomore year of college and try to get to the gym at least twice a week. It's a great workout and I love pushing myself to get to the top.



SportsDesk, the University of Miami's sports television show has been my favorite show to help put on weekly. We go live from the School of Communication every Friday at 7.


  1. June 2014

    Begin Internship at the Federal Reserve

    This summer I will be an intern at the Federal Reserve in Washington, DC, in their IT department doing Web Development.

  2. April 2014

    I redesigned this site

    Originally I bought this domain for a web design class and threw together a design using the responsive framework Skeleton. I completely redesigned and hand-coded almost all of it.

  3. May 2013

    Created "Not Even a Number" Documentary

    "Not Even a Number" is an SPJ award winning documentary created by a group of Eight University of Miami students, myself included. It follows the struggles of being an undocumented immigrant and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals process.

  4. January 2013

    Photographed Duke vs. UMiami College Men's Basketball Game

    Duke Picture

    This was one of the best experiences of my life. I was on the floor of the court and got to take pictures of the players in one of the greatest basketball games I have ever been to.

    Click the image to view some of my favorites.

  5. August 2011

    Enrolled at the University of Miami

    I started my undergraduate studies at the University of Miami in Coral Gables. I expect to graduate in May 2015 with Bachelor Degrees in both Electronic Media and Computer Science.

  6. May 1993

    I was born!

    I was born in Syracuse, NY.