We're Getting Married

Saturday March 9, 2019

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Our Story

How We Met!

September 2012: It's all about the []_[]! Fall of sophomore year, mutual friends Lauren and David brought us together. Nothing says love like rock climbing while one sings Cyndi Lauper (cue: If you fall, I will catch you). On our first official date, Luke entertained my child at heart, and we saw Finding Nemo 3D and stuffed our faces with Thai food. Flash forward through some excellent music, cheesy moments, and new adventures (Iceland, London, Paris, sky diving, hang gliding) to graduation from the University of Miami in 2015.

Somewhere Inbetween

Post-college: I head back to Orlando for medical school at UCF and Luke scores an awesome job as a web developer for the Federal Reserve. Yes, four years of long distance relationship. But, not even Rivers and Roads can keep us apart.

He Popped the Question!

November 30, 2018: I'm on my surgery rotation in St. Petersburg, FL and Luke comes down to visit. His flight was scheduled to return to DC Wednesday, November 29, but he extended his trip to spend more time with me :). On the most perfect night, we set-up a blanket and enjoyed the most beautiful sunset, when he turned to me and asked to spend the rest of our lives together.... I said yes.

In usual Luke & Katie fashion, we celebrated with beer and tacos. Yum.

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Ceremony and Reception

Sydonie Mansion

Ladies, please wear comfy shoes as this is an outdoor wedding! Please no stilettos!

5538 Sydonie Drive, Mt Dora, FL 32757

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